Sign Waving Robot vs. Sign Spinner

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Use the Sign Waving Robot to advertise your business!

The Sign Waving Robot is like an Arrow Waver but much better!

The waving robots are very effective in helping you stand out from your competitors. The product is very unique and much cheaper than hiring an employee.

A proven method of advertising just got better.

  • 24/7 sign waving robot spins your sign nonstop
  • No lazy employees
  • No insurance costs
  • Don’t pay a monthly salary for a job a robot can handle
  • No Breaks

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“Love people, not things; use things, not people.”

So the popular quote goes. However, when you can use things instead of people to reach your goals in a cost-cutting and effective manner, then you ought to choose things every time. We are talking about the use of a sign waving robot versus the use a sign spinner. If you want to get people talking about your business, both are definitely effective strategies. Have your sign twirled and waved amidst a busy crowd, increase business awareness in your local community, and ultimately, increase sales like never before. However, with motorized sign waving mannequins, you can save yourself from the many hassles and concerns that may arise from hiring people to hold up your signs for you. What are these hassles? Read on.

No Salary

The most obvious advantage of using motorized sign waving mannequins over sign spinners is the fact that you do not pay robots a salary. Compared to allotting thousands of dollars for a single arrow spinner each month, spending $700 on the mannequins is the only spending you’ll ever need to do.

No Late/Absent Employees

What can be more annoying than to miss advertising in the most crowded time of the day because of late sign spinners? Yes, while there are excellent sign wavers around, remember that they are only human. With sign waving robots however, you can have your advertisements up always on time.

No Lazy Employees

Apart from tardiness, another weakness of people as employees is laziness. Admit it; holding up a sign is not the most exciting job on Earth. When bored, your sign spinner can just slouch around with your sign, sit around, and play with his/her iPhone – leaving your opportunities to be known as a lost opportunities. On the contrary, robots can only have one reason for laziness, and that is low battery but with the plug in model, never worry about batteries!

No Lunch Breaks

Of course, your employee spinners need to eat, go to the restroom, and do personal things right in the course of their working hours. In a month, you can lose 30 hours of being able to reach people and inviting potential customers to your store because of these brakes. And don’t forget, sometimes, your employees can ask for an early out or a day off. While you care for their welfare, you also care nonetheless for your business. Sign waving mannequins don’t go on breaks. All a sign waving robot does is relentlessly wave that sign for you, therefore increasing your popularity as a business.

No Complaining

If you’re standing 12 hours a day acting ridiculous in the middle of the street, then you’ll start to complain at one point. “Oh, my thighs hurt already. Oh, a customer just threw some bad words at me.” Well, that is a problem that you’ll certainly never have with a sign waving robot mannequin. They just wave and wave and do their job, without any complaints at all.

With all these points at hand, the wiser choice is already easy to pick out. If you want your business to grow and your revenue to increase, then do your advertising with sign waving robots over any type of human employee. Do not underestimate mannequins because they can be the most relentless, efficient, hardworking, and non-complaining employees you will ever have.